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Roblox Uno

Roblox Uno

Sit down around a table and play a game of Roblox Uno, the #1 Uno game on Roblox! Either play with NPCs, Friends, or Foes. Featuring card animations, professionally made cards, and over 4,000 lines of code, this game is made to be easy to learn & fun to play. Play & climb the leaderboards to the become best Roblox Uno player of all time. Welcome to Roblox Uno, the best Uno game on Roblox. PC and Mobile Compatible & Optimized.

It is HIGHLY recommended you read the help section, even if you know how to play Uno.

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-Created by T-Studios (REALTimothy0812)
        -Thumbnail Background Made By Nakisakebu
Note: Roblox Uno has custom art made by REALTimothy0812, not matel.


Created by REALTimothy0812

Favorites: 235,662
Visits: 16,969,410
Created: 4/27/2018
Updated: 3/25/2019
Max Players: 30
Genre: All Genres

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