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Roblox High School [Legacy]

Roblox High School [Legacy]

⚠️ NOTICE: This is an outdated legacy game. Certain items may no longer work correctly due to Roblox updates. Please play the new version of the game here to get the best experience:

Roblox High School 2 has a ton of upgrades, bug fixes, brand new features, and much more! If there are specific things you still want added/changed in RHS2, please let me know. I need good feedback in order to make RHS2 the best it can possibly be.


★ Join the RHS Fan Club to receive exclusive in-game items for free:



Created by Cindering

Favorites: 2,565,381
Visits: 556,111,462
Created: 4/8/2009
Updated: 3/1/2019
Max Players: 20
Genre: Town and City

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