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[Options] Legends of Kasai (Beta)

[Options] Legends of Kasai (Beta)

WARNING: The game is pretty heavy due to the variety of models and the size of the servers: some lag can happen.

Dragons, griffins, phoenixes... All of those mighty creatures we admire, but only heard of in legends. They have all sorts of adventures, but sometimes we forget that they also need a break now and then.

Welcome to the Islands of Kasai, an archipelago devoid of humans where they can take it easy. Explore, meet other creatures, hone your claws, and make your own story in this place where even such fearsome beasts can have a moment of peace.

This game is still a big WIP, and gets updated regularly.

Currently working on:
*New lighting engine*
*New accessories*
*New species (Not only dragons, Griffins/Gryphons next)* 
*Finishing the second island*  

Icon: Quack Pony (@Ponygirl on Sketch)
Wyvern update thumbnail: Mysticalesta

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Created by Forgotten Flames

Favorites: 29,492
Visits: 998,033
Created: 8/5/2018
Updated: 3/27/2019
Max Players: 40
Genre: RPG

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