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[👾Fixes👾] Cybernetic Tycoon🤖

[👾Fixes👾] Cybernetic Tycoon🤖

🎁Join the Blastburg Studios group today to earn $2,500 Starting Cash in-game! (Rejoin the game after joining the group)

❗WARNING: This Game Might Run Poorly on Some Devices!!!

Version Update 1.5.5:
🏭Changed from 8 Tycoons to 6 [Due to Massive Lag Issues]
🎒Properly Fixed PVP Mode Wiping Out Inventory after Rejoin!
🔨Fixed Lagging Droppers Not Dropping!
🤖Improved RoboZombie AI
🤖RoboZombies no longer follow players with PvP Off!
🔨Improved Server Lag! [Can still lag on some devices]
👾Lots of Bug Fixes!

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🏷Keywords: Cyber, Cybernetic, Future, Factory, Tycoon, Neon, Futuristic, Bright, Fight, Intergalactic, Space, Solar, Color, Sci-Fi 

Released: November 19, 2018
Created by: BrawlBattle


Created by Blastburg Studios

Favorites: 7,763
Visits: 598,319
Created: 3/4/2018
Updated: 3/24/2019
Max Players: 6
Genre: Sci-Fi

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