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Base Wars! [ Animations refine, GUI works ]

Base Wars! [ Animations refine, GUI works ]

► English:
Update every week. 
Recent update: 2019/03/23 Version: 21.0.41
Press " in-game for game settings, patch notes and game rules. 
Base wars Is: 
☆ Classic combined arms shooter game.
☆ Team-based open battle style with various types of infantry weapons and vehicles 
☆ Not a round-based game, allows you to have non-stop free battle with your own play style
☆ Supports both First Person and Classic Third Person play

This game is intended to be played on a PC.

► 中文
基地大戰 !
按 " 鍵開啟遊戲設定(Game Settings), 瀏覽更新資訊(patch notes)和規則(Game rules)

☆ ROBLOX 經典聯合武器射擊遊戲;
☆ 利用步兵武器和載具在開放地圖進行團隊作戰;
☆ 無回合,無限制自由戰鬥;
☆ 支援「第一身」和「第三身」控制


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Created by D8Dev

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Created: 11/16/2009
Updated: 3/23/2019
Max Players: 6
Genre: Military

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